Kim Weitkamp

Keynote Speaker

Kim Weitkamp

Keynote Speaker
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Humorist, keynote speaker, presenter, consultant, singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur,
and spoken word artist. A lot of titles…but one main thing ties them all together. Story.
Kim speaks and performs to tens of thousands of people a year. She is a storyteller at the top of
her craft and whether the story is tucked into a speech, performed from stage or used as a tool
for training, one thing is for sure. At the root of all she does Kim is first and foremost a

Kim has keynoted for some of Forbes most recognized companies and has been the closing
speaker for many high profile charity events, helping organizations reach their financial goal
time and time again. She has done marketing consulting and coaching with some of the worlds
largest corporations.

For over 20 years Kim has been helping organizations and businesses utilize the power of story
to gain donors, create loyalty, and enhance their sales and marketing strategies. Kim blends her
mastery of humor, story and communication into her presentations making them entertaining,
enlightening, and educational.

She holds an armload of awards including the prestigious Leadership in Communication Award
from Toastmasters Int’l, the Blue Ridge Excellence in the Arts Award and several Storytelling
World Awards. She is the owner of a design company, TreeHouse Artists and a record label,
Road Candy Records. Kim is the founder of the Wrinkles Project and creator of the Peace by
Piece Project in conjunction with the Taubman Museum of Fine Art. She has written, produced
and recorded 9 audio collections, 7 of them award winning. Her latest project is a folk operetta
that has gotten high praise within the music industry and storytelling community. She can be
heard on Sirius XM radio and NPR.

All sessions by Kim Weitkamp


8:45 am-9:45 am

The Science of Story

9:50 am-10:50 am